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Just Investing Online Referral System

Post by Lina Jio » Tue Mar 12, 2019 10:02 am

Hi Just Investing Online (JIO) Members

Sure, most of you know what is referral system, which for some peoples can give some incentive amount of extra profit added as your additional activity bring and introduce JIO to other.

We think necessary to inform all of you about how JIO referral system works, first for it, We are not using a static and one only bonus system, but because We understand that some peoples on this industry want to get more profits and very good to get more referrals, so JIO using Multi Level Referral System.

Bellow is the simple explanation for Multi Level bonus :

If someone be your referral, when They make new deposit you receive 5% commission.
If your referal, referr other (the second or next level) and every new deposit you receive 2%
and when your Third level of referral or We can call it Your referral of referral or referral make new deposit you receive 1%.

Every time your referral make new deposit you receive 5 %

We hope, all JIO Members like it, We open for Your constructive suggestion for Us,

Let's grow and get Financial freedom together

Just Investing Online Forum Staff

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