Now you can choose one of our projects for investing.

Now you can choose one of our projects for investing.

If you are planning to invest more than 50,000 dollars, be sure to contact this email:, before taking any actions, to get informed about the special bank guarantee terms and details of Economical activities in order to secure profit. We have dozens of running projects that you can invest in any one of them by your choosing.
We have special conditions in place for people who intend to invest more than 50,000 dollars. After the unexpected success of JIO in a short period of time in attracting more investors and infusion of funds to the Subsidiary companies, we now have several projects under construction, also trading activities in the field of export and import have Extensively Expanded.
On the other hand, we have received many emails from investors who were willing to invest large sums of money. JIO Management has mostly refused to accept these amounts due to legal ambiguities and lack of suitable conditions for large investments.
We are pleased to announce that with the efforts of our team of International Attorneys and Economic Experts, we have succeeded in providing the necessary legal conditions and with much effort and planning and using specialized people in finance, we were able to increase our economic capacities and to have the ability of accepting any amounts of money from now on.
We decided that we would have special conditions in place for investors who plan to invest large amounts of money. If these people can prove their financial ability, they will be informed of our projects and find out all the details about them and can invest in one of the projects considering their ability and financial taste with the council of economic experts, and during this time they will find out more about the process and its details.
All the transactions will be bank to bank, and we have the ability to provide the bank guarantee up to 10 million dollars. Also the financial documents of the projects will be fully assembled and made available to the investors.
Our investment projects are now active in UK, South Africa, Morocco, Turkey, UAE and Qatar and you can safely invest in a real project that has less than one tenth of a percent risk of loss of money, without fear of losing large amounts of money in financial markets with high risks such as Forex or Mining and buying and selling digital currencies that have highly uncertain futures and there is the possibility of losing large amounts of money at any moment.
These investors and representatives of micro-investors will meet regularly every 3 months and details of the projects will be fully provided to the investors.
It has only been 200 days since we have started working and this achievement was far from what we had ever expected. For this reason, exactly, we have to work even harder and day by day build a stronger economic team by hiring experienced professionals.
We have one by one achieved our predetermined goals much earlier than we ever thought, and we now announce with certainty that we in JIO are readier and stronger than ever to receive large sums of money, and will be able to provide guarantee and its profit based on formal agreements.

JIO planning for next three years.

JIO planning for next three years.

We are exited to announce our planning by 2022, every 6 month a new project will launch.

JIO Coin, JIO Exchange and JIO Miner,… are on the way. We are working hard to reach all our goals. all the new websites will have unique features that make them differentiate from  same projects.

All our old and new users can join our developing team by joining the #i_am_jio_supporter.

Join JIO as Supporter and earn up to 1000$ per month without investing.

Join JIO as Supporter and earn up to 1000$ per month without investing.

If you think you have this ability and creativity to work as JIO promoter, is possible to earn up to 1000$ per month.


for more information please contact JIO promotion dept.:

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The Real Meaning of LTP & CMP in Share Market (Updated 2019)

Ltp in Share market, Cmp in Share market

The LTP in Share Market

In a stock market, shares are not displaced with a proper price label like in superstores etc. Their price always fluctuates. Sometimes it goes higher or sometimes it falls below. The price that you see for a company’s stock is Last traded price or LTP in the share market.

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What does “Investment Expenditure” term mean?

investment expenditure

If any government or company or individual incur any kind of disbursement for making or buying new assets, it will be called Investment Expenditure. Constructing or buying new physical capital assets can be machinery, equipment, building, or any type of asset for the company or organization.

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